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Execute and produce turnkey media content, with an edge for your audience. An exciting and engaging way to drive attention, influence and sales towards your product or service! Gain more awareness & secure more market share for your business, by using a powerful cinematic media to gain an unfair advantage against the competition.

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Why Media Production Is Your Business's Solution

Have sales slumped in recent months in Dallas? Have your competitors in Dallas eaten up some of your market? Or, is your advertising campaign just looking a bit dull and boring? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Kinter Media can help.

Optimizing your media will enrich your company image and your clients’ perceptions of your brand. A well-developed media marketing campaign can spark a connection with your viewers and keep them engaged and interested in your business in Dallas, TX.

There's a reason that most of us binge on YouTube media. A video is proven to be an effective way of engaging, captivating and speaking to your target audience. Whether you need to show off trophy real estate or to increase exposure to your restaurant's latest menu, product or service, motion images can provide an insight that other methods cannot replicate.

Some of the core benefits of adopting media marketing in your business include:

Improved Marketing Campaigns

effective media production raises the bar on your marketing campaigns and improves brand perception.

Spread Messages Efficiently

well-executed media production lets you spread your message more effectively than other formats.

Reach a Larger Audience

more people are likely to take the time to watch motion images over other formats.

Highlight Products, Events & Services in an innovative way

our creative media producers help you become influential in your niche by showing off aspects of your business in new and engaging ways.

Stand Out From Competitors

when a media is put together effectively, it makes a bold statement in contrast to your competing businesses.

Spark a Connection to Your Brand

give your product or service more visibility and a chance to be talked about for word-of -mouth referrals.


Kinter Media is made up of a team of creative media specialists with Alex Kinter at the helm. As a creative cooperative who have worked on projects for the likes of MTV, VEVO, TIME Magazine and more, you are always in good hands.

When producing your video, we take the time and care to make sure we get it just right. We have a holistic and tailored approach with your business’s objectives at the heart of each frame. Choosing our team means choosing a partnership that works for your needs.


Commercial Media

Want media for your ad slots, social media marketing or website? We've got you covered! We are skilled producers who can write a engaging scripts, always get the shot, bring out emotion and connect with broad or niche audiences with context.

Corporate Media

We create compelling interview questions that bring out your brand story, and put interviewees at ease so they come across in the best way possible to your industry and customers.

Promotional Media

We can give a smooth cinematic look to your event. Just the flair your event needs to enhance your unique guest experience. Gain premium quality live sound, capture field audio mixes and create exciting recap style media with music.  

Music Media Production

We are familiar with shooting for various styles of music and types of conceptual storytelling. The music video should not only be visually beautiful, but capture true emotions. It is the feeling the audience gets from watching a music video that will compel them to take action or connect them to your music.

Documentary Media

We can help you tell your story, create the stage for your interviews, voice-over narration, and even help edit everything. Whether you need a talking head video, social media influencer content, or experiential marketing videos. We'd love to help!


Let’s Get This Show On The Road!

If your business requires expert, experienced and exciting media production to creatively promote your services, then get in touch. We are always looking to work with new clients in Dallas, TX and even the most demanding projects. Simply hit the "Book Now" or "Schedule A Consultation" button to start discussing your project.




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Leave the heavy lifting to our team of seasoned pros. We will take care of the hard work and long tech hours to finalize deliverables.


Wise, Elite, Thorough.
Alex first helped brand an entertainment project i was working on with some very strategic photoshoots, an in depth set, and wardrobe design that led to major RED Epic shoots."

Chris Romain  -  Emerald City Band

Alex and his team are visionaries
that transform and execute our expectations with state of the art tech and igneous concepts."

Lexi Roman - Mroads, HP

I had the pleasure of meeting this talented young man.
Mr. Kinter strives hard to understand his client's vision and builds upon that, only to create something better!"

Oscar Miranda  -  Trophy Room, Wholesome Grub



Leverage my team, their experiences and our techniques to get your business noticed online by your target audience, so that they are more likely to buy your product, service or solution.